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Our foundation provides Rockbridge County Public School System students with the tools they require to advance their studies and encourage their creativity.

Your donations directly impact the level of support we are able to provide.


2018 Grant Programs and Recipients

Rockbridge County High School

Sewing Into the Future

Lindsay Stutsman & Rhonda Pedigo

To assist students in learning practical and career-related skills in a cross-curricular theme, five sewing machines and related equipment and tools were purchased. As students created sewing and art projects, they also created a business venture for selling their merchandise both in and outside of school.  Monies earned will continue to fund future projects.  $2,985


Hand-Crafted Pasta Making

Corey Wallace

All Culinary Arts students now have the opportunity to learn how to handcraft pasta utilizing new pasta machines purchased by the Foundation.  Students will explore the nutritional and creative elements of pasta making as well as plan and prepare suitable meals utilizing the equipment all while honing their culinary skills. $940


Citizen Science Phenology Project

Amanda Burks

Biology students participate in establishing RCHS as a local monitoring site through Nature’s Notebook while learning to connect with nature and contribute to scientific discovery by observing phenology (changes in the environment).  Participating as field biologists and true citizen scientists, they use scientific equipment while investigating, collecting data, hypothesizing, and joining scientists from 63 other sites in the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s A.T. Seasons Project studying phenological change along the trail’s corridor. $2,000


Visiting Animal Lab

Rebecca Tillson

The addition of the animal lab portable building has provided the opportunity for agricultural students to demonstrate their skills in caring for various livestock brought to school by local farmers and ranchers as well as provided hands-on practice of animal health and science practices. Students also demonstrate agricultural mechanics in maintaining the building and equipment. $3,146


Rockbridge County Public Schools

Summer Reading Clinic

Ellie Bahhur

The RCPS Summer Reading Clinic was an intensive tutoring program for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade and functioned as part of the Master of Education in Reading Program. The tutors were RCPS elementary teacher/graduates (M.Ed.) who received their Virginia Reading Specialist Endorsement.  Students were tested, taught specific reading skills, and remediated one-on-one to improve reading comprehension. All purchased materials will remain in reading classrooms throughout the county. $500


Summer STEAM Camp for Grades 3-5

Susan Mahood

CES was the host site for our first ever Summer STEAM camp taught by RCPS teachers and students.  All activities fostered critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, communications, collaboration, and leadership skills through fun, engaging STEAM activities.  Highlights included robotics & coding, drones, digital art, CAD 3-D design & printing, renewable energy, LEGO construction, and experiments & explosions. Students from each elementary school participated at no cost. $4,534


All County 9-12 High School Students

2nd Annual Rockbridge History Bee

Rockbridge Historical Society

Based on local history compiled by author Charles Bodie in Remarkable Rockbridge, high school students from RCHS, Parry McCluer HS, home-schools, and private academies compete in a friendly, academic contest to test their knowledge of Rockbridge history. Students earn cash awards for first, second, and third place. $1,000


Central Elementary School

Rotary Junior Achievement Curriculum

Lexington Sunrise Rotary Club

JA’s curriculum helps prepare our children for the real world by showing them wealth and how to effectively manage their earnings, how to create jobs to make their communities robust, and how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace by helping them understand business and economics. Local Rotary members serve as instructors.  $1,500


Mountain View Elementary School

Ukuleles for General Music Class at MVES

Andrea Harris

The ukulele is an accessible instrument which helps students achieve an immediate sense of success by providing a hands-on, performance-based experience to teach the fundamentals of music including chords and progressions, melody, rhythm and the reading of standard notation and chord symbols.  It provides a kinesthetic experience while promoting the internalizing of rhythm. After a successful MRMS ukulele grant, Ms. Harris wanted her elementary students to experience the same success.  $1,470


Fairfield Elementary School

Engaged Learning Through Play – Orff Musical Instruments

Stephanie Clark

As a certified Level I Orff Instructor, Ms. Clark has introduced her students to many musical skills such as analyzing rhythms and melodies, playing as an ensemble and creating music of their own.  Orff teaching also incorporates movement, improvisation and singing into the arrangements therefore giving a student a complete music experience. Numerous musical instruments were purchased to grow the music program at FES.  $1,868


Natural Bridge Elementary School

Learning Through Play – Musical Instruments

Lacey Lynch

Children learn best when they are actively engaged in the classroom and part of the learning, regardless of the subject being taught. Music is a natural place for students to be able to not just learn about the basic theories of Music and their connection to all other subject areas, but to immediately put that information to use in meaningful, active and creative ways on a day to day basis. These new instruments will add to the current music program at NBES. $2,990

Maury River Middle School

Heart Zone Monitors & Software

Vicki Black and Tasha Polly

The main objective of this grant was to ensure that every child learn to take responsibility for their own health.     The schools provide our children with the tools and knowledge to allow them to be proactive regarding their health rather than reactive as adults. The Heart Zone (cardiovascular) Monitors have provided the information and incentive to understand the positive effects of exercise while collecting data and monitoring their daily health portfolio.  $4,599



Amber Lewis

With the on-set of Project-Based Learning, Ms. Lewis has developed numerous community-related projects for her students and will be utilizing filmmaking equipment to document their experiences as well as provide technical skills as the students explore career and course options in the future.  The students’ connections to the needs and activities of the community include creating promotional videos showcasing healthy lifestyles at all ages, highlighting the activities of the RCPSF, and MRMS’s 21st Century FLOW grant activities. $2,820


Your support matters.

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